Holistic Online Consultations 

As a holistic therapist and teacher, I combine Naturopathy with my love of Ayurveda and holistic counselling to guide you to take the appropriate action and apply self-nurturing practices to CONQUER LIFE'S CHALLENGES with confidence.

Take a journey of self-discovery with me and embrace self-care to BE WHO YOU LOVE. Discover ancient techniques to clear your mind and allow space for CLARITY to arise. Apply daily rituals and practices that are specific for your constitution to restore VITALITY. Feel what it's like to have the COURAGE to walk the path of your own heart with ease and grace.

Be inspired to be the full expression of your true self, through self-love, self-respect, self-nurturing and self-acceptance.

        Awaken your healing power within by restoring the balance between your mind, body, heart and soul.

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        Inspired by Nature, Made with Love

        Indriya Ayurveda Hand-Crafted Skincare naturally supports the skin to do what it was intended to do: protect and rejuvenate.

        skin skin skin

        Catherine Laurent BHSc

        Naturopath, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultant
        Amrit Yoga Teacher, Access Consciousness ™
        Accredited Trainer, Beauty Therapist, iNLP Practitioner 

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