Inspired by Nature, Made with Love

Sharing Divine Love through the Senses

Indriya Ayurveda has been formulated using natural organic raw materials sourced from reliable and ethical companies.

Each product is hand-crafted in small batches, with precise temperature control. This ensures that the stability of each active ingredient remain unaltered and allows for a  chemical free, organic and pure product.

The products are made based on Ayurvedic philosophy with the aim to restore balance and enhance the integrity of skin so that the skin can look youthful and vibrant at any age. 

awaken-healing awaken-healing awaken-healing

We provide skincare solutions from the inside and out

  • We only offer products that generate regular positive feedback from our customers
  • We offer physical and emotional consultations to address the cause of any major skin conditions
  • We provide personalised diet and lifestyle advice
  • We recommend ethical and effective supplements specific to your needs
  • We offer face and body rejuvenating treatments and improve wellbeing

You are invited to join us at our "Skincare from the Inside Out" workshops

  • Discover the benefits of making Indriya Ayurveda part of your daily routine

Join us and invite your friends 

  • Enjoy a fun afternoon with the girls doing what girls love to do
  • Introduce your friends to something new, something they will love
  • Find out how you are rewarded for introducing your friends  -

The skin glows naturally when we look after our insides as well as the outside.

Our products are available through selected Beauty Salons, Day Spas and Ayurvedic Clinics click here to see our stockists.