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As a self-care activist, a naturopath, ayurvedic practitioner, and skin therapist, I combine my skills to formulate and hand-craft, effective natural quality skincare products. These products are made in small batches in Australia and go from me directly to you. I apply Ayurvedic principles, using natural organic botanicals to restore a natural healthy glowing complexion. No false promises, with the intent to support the skin to rejuvenate and glow naturally. 

As a self-care activist, I believe that in order to be healthy to do the things that we love, and have healthy glowing skin we need to apply self-care practices. Ayurveda is an ancient science meaning the knowledge of life that teaches us how to apply daily rituals that will improve our health and have profound lasting effects. For this reason as part of my skincare offerings, I offer an online service to identify your dosha (constitution) to look at your Prakriti (elemental nature) Vs your Vikrity. Your Vikrity is the imbalances that result from lifestyle choices that affect your skin, your mind, your internal health, and your wellbeing. Once identified I can guide you with daily routines, diet, and lifestyle choices that will restore balance, prevent serious health ailments and have you feeling vibrant again. 

You are invited to work with me on these levels: MIND, BODY, HEART & SPIRIT start where you are drawn.

Level 1 - Experience Indriya Ayurveda, natural hand-crafted quality skincare, inspired by nature, made with love Click

Level 2 - Discover your dosha and find out how to restore balance to live a vibrant life

Level 3 - Take a journey to self by enrolling in the online course, explore the self and the journey of the soul Click

Level 4 - Learn about the skin, check out the online course Click

I look forward to getting to know the real you. 

Be kind, Be love, Be yourself.                                                                                         

Catherine Laurent ND

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