Soothe Sensitivity

Pitta Skincare to soothe a sensitive skin 

A Pitta skin type can be hot, red, slightly oily with pigmentation and breakouts. They may also suffer from broken capillaries, acne, boils, red itchy eczema, or even rosacea. Freckles and moles may also be present.

It is often difficult to deal with sensitive skin and find a skincare range that will not overstimulate or aggravate. 

The Pitta hand-crafted natural skincare range is designed to PROTECT, SOOTHE AND HEAL the skin without disturbing the skin's natural PH to maintain healthy skin for longer. 

Each product is made in Australia, using chemical-free natural organic ingredients so as to not irritate the skin. 


GENTLE CLEANSER - light milky cleanser with aloe vera and lavender

COCONUT CLEANSER - oily unscented cleanser

BALANCING LOTION - refreshing, PH balancing spray

RASAYANA SERUM - light penetrating hydrating serum

SAFFRON OIL - restoring a healthy glow (often used with the small Kansa Wand)

HYDRO ROSE - light hydrating rejuvenating face cream

REPLENISHING CREAM - rich, luxurious cream with natural goodness

HAND CREAM - rich, repairing hand cream without the stickiness 

MUSCLE EEZE - oil to release muscle tension (may be used with the medium size Kansa Wand)

TRANQUILITY - rose flower remedy for calm 

VITALITY - rose remedy for vitality

COURAGE - rose remedy for strength

PITTA SKINCARE           Dealing with sensitive skin? Reach out for help. Book online for a FREE ONLINE SKIN CONSULTATION

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Balancing Lotion 100ml
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Face Scrub
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Gentle Cleanser 100ml
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Hand cream
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Hydrorose 100ml
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Replenishing Cream - 50ml
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