Replenish &  Glow

Vata Skincare to restore a youthful glow to a dry, mature skin

Our Vata range is designed for women with dry, normal to dry, or dehydrated skin with signs of ageing. 

Each product is mindfully handcrafted by an Ayurvedic Naturopath, using organic active ingredients.  Each product is formulated to do what the skin is naturally intended to do - PROTECT, NOURISH & REJUVENATE to restore a natural glow.

Skin problems associated with Vata are excessive dryness, dry eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, cracked skin, and wrinkles.

The Vata range is ideal for any skin in need of repair and rejuvenation to restore the skin's natural balance and radiant glow.


GENTLE CLEANSER - a mild milk cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and dust

COCONUT CLEANSER - an oily cleanser

BALANCING LOTION - refreshing rose spray, restoring PH balance

RASAYANA SERUM - light penetrating hydrating serum with marine collagen 

SAFFRON OIL - restoring a youthful glow ( may be used with the Kansa wand)

HYDRO ROSE - light hydrating and rejuvenating moisturiser with Centella and vitamin E

REPLENISHING CREAM - rich and creamy, face moisturiser infused with natural goodness

NOURISHING CREAM - rich and dense nourishing cream with rose and frankincense 

SESAME SEED OIL - traditional black sesame seed oil for Abhyanga (self-body massage), mouth swishing, and more

BODY MILK - Rich, luxurious milky body milk to improve dryness

HAND CREAM - Rich, repairing cream that does not leave your hands stick

COURAGE - rose remedy for strength

VITALITY - rose remedy for vitality

- rose remedy for calm

VATA SKINCARE             It's never too late to restore that natural glow - Book online for a FREE ONLINE SKIN CONSULTATION

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Balancing Lotion 100ml
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Face Scrub
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Gentle Cleanser 100ml
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Hand cream
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Kansa wand  small
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