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Catherine Laurent

At a very young age I decided that I am the director of my own life, and free to choose to live in a way that serves me to reach my goals of good health, peace and happiness.

I watched my mother, father and grandmother suffer with their personal health issues, watched my dear friends suffer with anxiety, depression and substance abuse, and knew that I didn’t want to suffer ill health or unhappiness.

My journey towards wellness started with face and body care as a beauty therapist. I learned how to look after my skin and the skin of others. I learned about the body, how to control my weight by diet and exercise, and the importance of diet for teenage and problem skins.

I travelled to Mauritius and France and learned the traditions of skincare from my ancestors.

As my experience developed and my awareness deepened I realised that I needed to go deeper than just skin-deep and I was drawn to learning about the core of women’s health issues. I needed to know why and how. Why do we have these sufferings and how do we heal them. I returned to school to study Naturopathy and closed the chain of beauty salons that I operated to devote my time to learning.

As a Naturopath I attracted patients with mood disorders (anxiety and depression) hormonal imbalances, weight issues, thyroid disturbances, chronic skin conditions and adrenal exhaustion.

The more I worked with these issues the more I could see the connection between mind/body. I went back to study and learned about the body, mind connection and a variety of emotional balancing techniques. As a result I could see how much faster healing takes place when the emotional mind is at peace.

My intuition told me that there is more to perfect health than just addressing body and mind. With this awareness I discovered Ayurveda. Ayurveda, known as the knowledge of life, is a proven system for improving health and longevity by balancing mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda introduced me to the wisdom of ancient seers and our connection to the universe.

This knowledge alone was not enough without my experience of inner peace found through my recent discovery of Amrit Yoga. Amrit yoga is described as meditation in motion. My teacher training immersion in Amrit Yoga gave me the opportunity to connect with the source, and experience unconditional, infinite, divine love.

I believe that we are part of the oneness of all creation, yet we are unique with our offerings to the world. I wish to help you to discover the missing element of peace that is found within, so that you too can experience divine love and share your offerings and uniqueness from a place of love to the world.

My aim is to share divine love through the senses known as the Indriyas.

Self-development, self-love, self-acceptance and self-nurturing connect us to the deeper part of the self and opens the heart to healing.

Join me on a healing journey to awaken your senses, balance your body, calm your mind, heal your heart and nourish your soul to experience the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within.

Catherine Laurent ND