Hand-Crafted Skincare

Hand-Crafted Skincare

Hand-crafted skincare

Inspired by Nature, Made with Love

Indriya Ayurveda Hand-Crafted Skincare naturally supports the skin to do what it was intended to do: protect and rejuvenate.

I began my career in the beauty industry in Australia in 1980. At the time, only French skincare offered high-quality, result-orientated skincare products. I was fortunate to be exposed to a variety of salon-only products from France, and then eventually from Germany and Switzerland.

Greatly influenced by these European companies, for quality result-orientated products and natural therapies including Ayurveda, I formulated Indriya Ayurveda.

I use organic ingredients as often as possible and always evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each ingredient in a product. I also blend the formula in a way that will not harm or reduce the effect of the active ingredients. I feel this cannot be achieved unless the products are hand-crafted.

It is important to me not to contribute to the chemical cocktail that we constantly apply to our skin. I do not support the use of synthetic ingredients: parabens, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances and colour that will, in time, cause health problems or be a burden to our natural environment.

I utilise my knowledge of Ayurveda in formulating skincare and abide by ancient philosophies and practices, respecting the laws of nature.

The ingredients in each product are chosen for their therapeutic qualities as well as how each relates to the five elements.

Indriya Ayurveda embraces a holistic approach to beauty with the emphasis on the Indriyas, the senses.

  • Touch the products and feel the quality that they reflect. Feel the smoothness and softness of the skin.
  • Smell the aroma of the products and experience the benefits on the mind, body and soul.
  • Taste our flower remedies and develop courage, feel uplifted and experience a sense of peace.
  • Hand-crafted skincare
  • See our range and be reminded to pause, to awaken your senses and allow the essence of nature captured in the products to calm your mind and nourish your skin.
  • Hear the compliments that come as a result of using Indriya Ayurveda.

I do not make unrealistic claims about my products – only the promise that they will assist the skin in performing its natural function more effectively.

I believe that knowledge is the key to skincare success, which is why I have chosen to sell my products via trained skin therapists and not via commercial outlets. I feel it is important to match the formula to the individual to help restore balance to the skin.

If you wish to order directly via the online store, please be advised that the products will be more effective if the most appropriate product is chosen. Feel free to send me an email with your concerns and a close-up photo of your face with a clear image of your skin. I can then guide you to the appropriate product or direct you to a therapist in your area for a free consultation and skincare advice.

Gentle Cleanser - for all skin types

A soft velvety textured, soothing milk cleanser designed to remove dirt and make-up without disturbing the skin’s natural PH. Suitable for all skin types especially Vata and Pitta type skin that are prone to dryness or redness. Contains papaya to absorb dead cells and debris, with aloe vera to soothe and calm. Infused with lavender, geranium and rosewood creating a soft woody fragrance for your skin rejuvenating ritual.

Gentle Wash– for young or slightly oily skin

Hand-crafted skincare

A light and gentle foaming cleanser ideal for a Kapha or Pitta type skin that is slightly oily and prone to breakouts. Infused with spike lavender for its purification properties. This is ideal for someone starting on skincare, teenagers or for those in a rush to use in the shower.

Face Wash - for oily, acne-prone skin or as a shaving gel

Foaming yet gentle face wash, ideal for Pitta or Kapha type skin. Contains aloe vera gel to prevent irritation. Infused with tea tree oil and thyme oil for their anti-bacterial properties. Commonly used as a shaving gel to avoid shaving rash.

Face Scrub - for all skin types

A walnut scrub that gently removes surface cells and smooths the texture of the skin without irritation. Infused with aloe vera gel and peppermint oil, leaving the skin feeling refreshed. Suitable for all doshas except for those who suffer with walnut allergies. (contains walnut shell)

Balancing Lotion - for all skin types

A refreshing and uplifting lotion containing a herbal infusion of nettle and chamomile with rose water. Perfect for stabilising the skin’s natural PH after cleansing or used anytime the skin needs refreshing.

Purifying Lotion - for oily, acne skin or teenage pimples

A purifying lotion with herbal infusion of sage and elderberry for their astringent properties. Combined with green tea extract and thyme oil to control bacteria and reduce infection. Ideal for Kapha and Pitta type skin with open pores or blemishes. 

Hydrating Cream - for all skin types 

A light hydrating moisturiser, ideal under make-up or for anyone new to skincare, perfect for men or anyone who prefers a light textured, fluid moisturiser. Chamomile water, centella oil and vitamin E form part of this blend to maintain the skin's natural integrity. 

Replenishing Cream - for all skin types    

This is very popular for its moist and unctuous texture. It is perfect for dry, mature skin or skin prone to redness or rashes. Ideal for Vata and Pitta balancing. Contains a variety of beneficial oils including rosehip, calendula and macadamia, gently scented with lavender and rosewood.

Nourishing Cream - for dry or mature skin  

A richly textured cream perfect for restoring natural oils in the skin. Deeply nourishes the skin and protects the skin surface while leaving the skin soft and subtle. Contains rosewater, rosehip oil, calendula oil, evening primrose oil, with vitamin A, E and D. Gently scented with frankincense, roman chamomile and other aromatic essential oils known for their grounding and supportive qualities, perfect for Vata balancing.

Balancing Cream - for oily combination skin    

This is a stabilising cream for anyone who experiences regular break-outs. Contains healing and repairing ingredients without stimulating the skin.

Healing Cream - damaged or post acne skin

Ingredients such as neen oil, a highly treasured oil used in Ayurveda for its multiple benefits on the skin, combined with Vitamin E, centella oil and propolis makes this a powerful anti-oxidant and skin rejuvenator.  

Acne Cure - red inflamed acne

Turmeric, propolis, aloe vera with vitamin A, thyme oil, tea tree oil and geranium combine well to relieve inflamed and painful acne.

SOS Gel - blind pimples

Aloe vera gel with a blend of aromatherapy decongesting oils to reduce the size of the pimple quickly.

Eye Serum - for sensitive skin under the eyes  

This unscented product includes natural soy lecithin for its deep moisturising and softening properties with marine collagen to regenerate the skin and soften fine lines.

Rasayana Serum - for normal, dry, mature skin

A rich, pure, rose-scented face serum, containing liposome and nutritive ingredients such as macadamia and centella oil, with marine collagen and vitamin E to delay the signs of ageing and return suppleness to the skin.  

Saffron Oil - rejuvenating oil used under the Kansa Wand

This divine, smooth, jasmine scented-oil brings the youthful glow back to the skin. Infused organic saffron threads in restorative oils, it is the perfect accessory for any skincare routine.

Soothing Lotion - for hot, burning skin

Ideal for irritated skin, burns, or for use after epilation or excessive sun exposure. Ingredients include aloe vera gel and St John’s wort oil. 

Body Scrub - Suitable for all skin 

Gently removes dead cells without irritating the skin. Ingredients include walnut shells with papaya extract to eliminate dead cells, leaving the skin soft and lubricated.

Body Milk - for all skin types

A light, hydrating body milk containing nutritive ingredients such as macadamia and hemp seed oil. Infused with the sweet fragrances of frankincense, geranium and jasmine to awaken your feminine spirit.   

Shower Gel - for all skin types

A gentle foaming cleanser infused with avocado oil, lemongrass and ginger to refresh and purify the skin.

Hand Cream - for all skin types

A heavy-textured hand cream, yet not oily or sticky but rich in nourishing and repairing properties. Ingredients include calendula, hemp and macadamia oils with propolis and vitamin E. Ideal for repairing hard-working hands.  

Calming Masque - for warm or irritated skin 

Rich in vitamin and mineral products, ideal for diffusing irritation and redness. Ingredients include pure seaweed and turmeric.  

Moisture Masque - for dry skin

Deeply hydrating and restorative to dull or devitalised skin. Ideal for replenishing the skin after exposure to wind or artificial heating and cooling. Vata balancing. 

Purifying Masque - for oily skin 

This clay-based masque is ideal for oily or problem skin with open pores. 

Vata-Balancing Oil - warming, grounding and nurturing

An exotic blend of essential oils with rejuvenating and stabilising properties.

Kapha-Balancing Oil - stimulating oil to improve circulation

A stimulating blend of traditional Ayurvedic Herbs designed to improve lymphatic congestion and relieve heavy legs.  

Pitta-Balancing Oil - relaxing oil to reduce tension

A cooling blend of traditional Ayurvedic herbs used for their soothing and relaxing properties.  

Flower Remedy - Courage 

A Vata balancing flower remedy ideal for the shy individual needing an extra boost of confidence. 

Flower Remedy - Tranquility

A Pitta balancing flower remedy when one needs to experience calmness.   

Flower Remedy - Uplifting  

A Kapha balancing flower remedy, an ideal pick-me-up when feeling down.