Mind - Body - Heart - Spirit

Mind  - Body - Heart - Spirit

My aim is to connect with my patients as a whole by understanding their needs on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. My experience in the healing field has led me to study the physical and mental body, and mind-body medicine. Major improvement in health is witnessed by accessing and correcting a person's lifestyle and diet but it is within the deeper work - working with the subtle energies of the body - that lasting benefits are seen. We are energy bodies connected to the source of universal energy: the consciousness of God.

My journey has led me to personally experience divine love and allowed me to evolve as a spiritual being. It is from this place of evolution that I am able to connect with my patients and share my passion and insights through workshops, personal consultations, touch therapy and formulate the skincare Indriya Ayurveda.

Why Ayurveda?

The study of Ayurveda has provided me with the knowledge and insights to understand the complexity of life. It is all encompassing, mind, body, heart and soul and empowers the individual to take control and awaken the healing power within. 

Ayurveda dates back 5000 years and is known as the 'mother of medicine'. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which translates to 'the knowledge of life'. The aim of following the principles of Ayurveda and live by the natural rhythm of nature is to experience complete health, peace and happiness.

Why Amrit Yoga?

The practice of Amrit yoga gives us the opportunity to connect our body and mind to find the stillness in which the soul resides. It is from this place of complete awareness that makes it possible to connect with divine love and shift our conciousness to build our resilience which allows us to meet life's challenges.

Why Naturopathy?

Naturopathy offers a sound understanding of the physical body, body chemistry and physiology and provides a good background into pathology and common disorders. It  encompasses  a wide variety of natural medicines including herbal tonics, homoeopathy, nutritional supplements and flower remedies. 

Why Emotional Balancing?

Our response to life's situation depends on what we have stored in our cellular memory. Good or bad we respond to survive. Emotional Balancing Techniques are methods used to correct inappropriate responses to stress by providing resources that clear the pathways to enable a positive pattern of behaviour conducive to health.

Why Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine offer a variety of methods of working with the subtle energy field of the body. Clearing, grounding and balancing the energy field is accomplished by stimulating acupuncture points of the body or by adopting certain postures and movement, working with sound therapy, gem therapy, aromatherapy, touch therapy or colour therapy. 

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