Words from our customers

"Catherine Laurent is an extraordinary practitioner. I first consulted her after a life-threatening medical event. 

Catherine applied her incredible Ayurvedic knowledge to aid me on my journey to healing. 

She was quite extraordinary not just in terms of her expertise but also the integrity and sheer hard work she applied to help me to better health. I am quite sure that my good health today is a direct result of her amazing treatments.

More recently, I have enjoyed beauty therapy and massage, which are incredible. I feel renewed and refreshed. Thank you so much for your caring, your wisdom and your love, Catherine."

- Anne Loveband

"Catherine has been my guide for many years. She has taught me, how to look after myself and to feel good about myself. I now love where I am, and feel worthy of any good / wonderful things that come to me.

I can also deal with problems that may arise in my life, as I know that I can work through whatever is happening at the time. Catherine is always available to assist, encourage and give advice, whatever is needed. Her products of course are just amazing and using them makes me feel so good, and I know there is nothing to harm me.

Catherine helps me with any health issues, and really important to me is her assistance to keep me healthy and well, so as to avoid any health problems, both physical and mental. Getting older I have found it really important to think about myself and look after myself a lot more than I may have when I was younger, as I want to still be fit and well enough to enjoy my life, and this is where Catherine’s advice is really encouraging and helpful to me."

- Mary Ryan

"I love working with the Indriya Ayurveda products, my clients always say that the products are amazing. I love the magical Kansa Wand, my skin is glowing and I feel so happy when I do my daily routine with the products. I would not use anything else on my clients skin because I know that products offer much more to my clients wellbeing."

- Georgina Papageorgiou

Hi Catherine,

Just to let you know that my cleansers have arrived. Andrea my Daughter picked them up from you last week. I have found them to be the best on the market for my skin.

Thank you so much for the sample cream that you included, I have used it before and it does suit my skin.

Keep up the good work with your products.

Thank you once again.

- Janet Long

"With her innately instinctive, insightful and intuitive approach, Catherine seems to see right into your being to reveal any emotional and physical blockages. She challenges you and you will love it because you will get results. Honestly, Catherine knows me better than I know myself!"

- Pia Newport

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