Retreat - shared room

Retreat - shared room

Wellness retreat - Shared room

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Share a room with two single beds - We have a complete wellness retreat prepared to enrich your spirit and elevate your soul with Yoga and Ayurvedic rituals, workshops and activities to reconnect you to your true self. Be supported as you each find the clarity, strength and courage to be who you love.
September 30th @ 3pm - October 2nd @11am.
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Retreat - shared room

Time to give yourself permission to honour your soul. Share a room with someone else and submerge yourselves for 3 magical days in a journey of self-love and self-discovery while still in the company of like-minded evolving spirits.

You are invited to explore the beautiful town of Trentham, the waterfall, take a walk through the forest, indulge in retail therapy, view the talents of our local artists, visit our tarot reader, revamp your hairstyle, enjoy a treatment or just hang out at the local cafe prior to the retreat check-in at 3pm.

At the pond house you will be warmly greeted and taken to your room where you will have time to pause and start your inward journey. Step back from your day to day routine, and escape to the serine location at the edge of the wombat state forest. The stage is set for an experience that will take you back to the source, so you can regain the strength and courage to be who you love. My team and I will take you on an exploratory journey of the soul with insights from Ayurveda, Yoga and the Chakras.

During the weekend we will awaken your senses with the flavours of Ayurvedic cuisine, indulge your body with Indriya's aromatic self-care products, immerse your spirit in yoga practices and connect with your soul through sound therapy and meditation.

Are you ready to explore the journey of consciousness as per ancient wisdom, and how that relates to you today: mind, body and soul?

There has never been a better time to honour your soul, be supported and nurtured as you follow your soul's journey in this lifetime and reset to a path of your choice.